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About Deep Runner

Deep Runner is a small-sized industrial device that recognize objects from video stream using deep learning AI technology. It can be used for building security systems, factory automation systems, and smart car.

1. Best recognition accuracy can be achieved by using
best deep learning algorithms

Demo Video :

2. Easy to use object training software

You don’t have to be an expert of deep learning technology

Just collect the pictures of the objects

Finish training within ten minutes without GPU

3. Support detection as well as classification

Recognize where objects are as well as what the image is about

Demo Video :

4. Support Multi-category Recognition

Run multiple recognition sessions in sequence

For an example, you can detect a person, and then classify what gender the person is,
and then the age of the person, and so forth.

5. Multi-channel recognition

Up to 9 video channels can be recognized simultaneously when used with NVR

6. Various Network Configurations

7. Support firmware upgrade

Future support for new deep learning algorithms