Deep Runner Z1 

using Python

1. Connect the USB camera to the Deep Runner and install it in a suitable place.

2. Connect Deep Runner to an Internet port. It can also be connected to the Wi-Fi network wirelessly through a wireless router.

3. Connect to Deep Runner with a laptop Internet browser and select the Deep Runner model you want to recognize.

For example, if you want to recognize cars and people, select “General 90 Object Detection”. 

Models for recognizing various objects are installed built-in, and if necessary, it can be trained to recognize user-specific objects (refer user manual).

4. Next, code in Python. For example, write the following Python code:

This short Python code connects to Deep Runner, monitors cars from the camera, and automatically saves the detected image to the /tmp directory when a car appears. 

The Python code can be run on a remote computer that processes the recognition results, as well as embedded in the Linux system inside Deep Runner.