Visual data analyzer that converts existing CCTV system 

into an artificial intelligence surveillance system in just 30 minutes

Deep Runner

Easy to build security services with a simple web interface

Unattended surveillance of up to 16 cameras simultaneously

Can also be used for factory quality inspection

If you have a brilliant idea to do with artificial intelligence,       how would you make it happen?

 Brilliant ideas like,
  • A portable device for blind. When a dangerous object or person is detected, the device informs the position and the size of the objects through the sense of the skin with electronic pulses.
  • An IT system that counts how many cows come in and out of cattle shed.
  • And millions other great ideas.
You may need to do the following:
It’s never easy.
  1. Hire deep AI developers, who may do the following things.
  2. Determine and purchase computer and GPU card to execute AI visual recognition algorithms.                       May be costly and can be a trial and error thing.
  3. Determine and install an AI platform such as Tensorflow.
  4. Select and test an appropriate deep learning algorithm.
  5. You may also need to train objects.
  6. Attach a camera to the computer and link it with the deep learning algorithm.
  7.  Develop a service scenario that monitors the recognition results in real time and processes when the target object appears.
  8. Develop user interfaces, case, and so forth . . .

The Deep Runner is a device that makes this complex task simple.

Using Deep Runner,
  1. Connect a camera to the Deep Runner and run it. Deep Runner recognizes 90 general objects by default. You can add more by training it.
  2. Insert the JavaScript code in your service webpage to access the Deep Runner, and run it using a web browser. The Deep Runner will be constantly watching the camera and will notify you immediately when the requested situation occurs.  

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