Simple Deep Runner Connection Configurations

1. Connect Deep Runner directly to a laptop computer and a USB camera

Directly connect the laptop to the Deep Runner via an Ethernet cable. 

The output screen can be monitored by accessing Deep Runner from the browser on your PC and the recognition results received in real time through Ethernet.

2. IP camera connection

Any CCTV camera (IP camera) can be connected directly via Ethernet cable even without using a router. 

You can also connect multiple cameras at the same time using a router.

3. Configuration using a router

Deep Runner connects to a router and thereby connects to external remote systems via the Internet.

The video output of Deep Runner can be transmitted through the web protocol so that the system can be monitored in real time even from multiple remote systems.

4. Minimal configuration

Camera is connected to the Deep Runner, and the recognition results controls an actuator or PLC device through the GPIO port.

During operation, users can connect a computer to monitor the system.