AI Auto Checkout

AI Auto Checkout

Deep Runner is an ultra-compact device that visually recognizes and automatically calculates the price of items purchased in a store. By applying the latest artificial intelligence technology, it accurately recognizes the type and number of products on the shelf and can be organically linked through the communication function with POS devices and servers. When an image of a new product is acquired, it can be automatically learned and recognized, so it can be used in various environments.


  • Bakery automatic check-out
  • Donut automatic checkout
  • Automatic beverage check-out
  • Self check-out system
< Donut automatic checkout >
< Donut automatic checkout >



  • Remote control functions

            New product registration


  • Real-time output

            Type and number of products

             Total product price


  • It is a small board with a size of 85 x 56 mm that connects to a small USB camera and can be configured in a slim stand.

  • A stable solution can be built in a short time by applying new products to a platform that has been verified for commercialization.

  • It is effectively recognized when there are less than 100 types of all products.

  • New product training environment and technical support are provided, and training service for new products could be provided upon request.

  • It has a communication function with POS devices and servers and can be easily linked.

  • You can build the system at a low cost.