Ultimate Edge Device for

AI Surveillance

Deep Runner

  • Easy to provide a variety of artificial intelligence security services.
  • Small low-power stand-alone device that no cloud server is required.
  • Supports up to 16 cameras simultaneously

Our technolog is almose yours.

The functions of the Deep Runner can also be provided on-demand.

  • Server solutions : surveil hundreds of cameras simultaneously.
  • Built in CCTV camera or NVR : full AI function with a sub-watt power.

High-tech solutions for upgrading your system to AI

Deep Runner can train any object easily and quickly with only a few images of the objects you want to recognize.

Factory automation

Bad / normal of product
Recognize size, color, shape, etc.

Security systems

People, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

Smart car

Recognition of cars, license plates, traffic lights, crosswalks, etc.

Deep Learning Teaching Tools

GPU without a cloud server system
Deep running hardware running alone,
Deep learning easy for anyone to use without specialized knowledge

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